How to Use a Metal Lathe in working?

Dear Metal Lathe users, you have been searching “how to use a metal lathe” for many days, right? But you did not get any explicit answer just as the demand.

Don’t worry; we are here to give you a precise answer in accordance with the quest. Before starting to give a complete code, want to make you surprise with a piece of amazing information that is: If we aggregate the entire machinery tool in 100% then lathe machine will cover 20% among them.

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To know the proper use of lathe machine user must know the name and function of the component, so we will talk a little about the component, then the use of a small metal lathe machine.

During the time of using the lathe machine what sort of safety a user should take will be discussed? After that some short tips will be provided. For making the user experience more flexible. Then there will be a question-answer session. for polishing up the writing by your contribution. Let us begin then:

Metal Lathe machine component and functions

By analyzing a machine we have found some major parts, here short descriptions of those major parts are given:

Bed, Tool-post, and Chuck

A bed is a major part of the machine where all the components are attached. On the hand, Tool-post is fixed with the carriage to grip the tools in the actual position. And the chuck function is to clasp the piece of metal.

Headstock and Tailstock

Headstock possesses the driving pulley, gear chain, spindle, situates at the left of the bed. Again the Tailstock situates ate the right side of the bed and assist to perform drill procedure.

Legs and Lead Screw

Legs function is to take the pressure of the machine, yet the Lead screw is used to ploy carriage during the time of threading.

Apron and Carriage

Carriage works as a conjunction between Tailstock and Headstock`s tool post movement in a different way such as, horizontal or vertical. Another is apron: the main function is to control carriage movement by sitting over the carriage.

Guideways and chip pan

Carriage and tailstock are monitored by guideways. And the chip pan keeps all the shard came from metal piece; it is situated at the lower portion of the bed.

Spindle and Speed Controller

The main function of the spindle is to whirl the chuck and speed controller controls the spindle speed from head-stock.

You have got the basic ideas of a metal lathe machine component and function, now its time to know the use.

Using Guideline for Metal Lathe

The metal lathe has some specific function which it performs only. Therefore, it’s important to know the purpose, for which, a user will use this machine.

Since, the way of using the lathe machine varies purpose to purpose. So let’s see what you can do with this lathe machine.

Things you can do with the lathe machine

  • Boring, drilling, and thread cutting
  • Cutting the screw and turning wood
  • Knotting, reaming and parting

If you want to do the aforesaid performance, need to know the use of a machine to start manufacturing a work-piece. To maximize the ultimate production from a best metal lathe machine, these steps can be followed by a user, if these are followed properly then users can understand the detail of “how to use”

So, Here Are The Steps:

Observe the machine at firstApply proper grease in the machineSecure the electricity bent and confirm it is perfect for all componentsKeep the belt compact and point the gear at zero. Conduct a test run before applying workpiece. After test run put some lubricant in the machine as if it could get enough energy.Keep the speed 1000rpm at first and also wait for 10 minutes before starting work.

Stick tool block inside the tool possessor then injects clutter, after that fasten in an appropriate manner. Now put a drill chuck inside of tailstock which is used for drilling and there is a crank, to degree the tool. Make an X pointer by analyzing the micrometer wheel then fix it as zero according to the gear. After creating X pointer, you have to create a gap for Z Point, it can be 0.4 0r 0.5 from X-axis. After completing your work, or to postpone your work, just close power and discard the workpiece. Bring the entire switch into zero pointers. Then check the health of all safety equipment.

And that was the basic using method of a metal lathe. If users can remember the guideline, they can improve their user experience by practicing day by day. But we will recommend you to intern with an expert for a while.

Since you have learned to use the metal lathe, you must need some safety preparation before starting work. What is that safety thing then? Hither is the answer:

Safety Tips Guideline For Metal Lathe:

  • Don’t use any jewelry or loose cloth
  • Long hair must be tied
  • Keep the workplace clear
  • Conduct regular maintenance of your machine and tools
  • Take proper protection for eye

Follow the safety issues to avoid any sort of danger. Let’s jump to the FAQ session now:



How many parts are there in a lath machine?


In brief, there are 22 parts in a lath machine.

What is the maximum swing of the lathe machine?


7 inch is the maximum swing of the lathe machine.

How many types of lathe machine is there?


7 types they are Speed Lathe, Bench lathe, Engine lathe, Room lathe, Automatic lathe, Capstan lathe, Special purpose lathe.

Final Verdict

We had reserved an answer to our introduction part for you, remember that? Even believing that you will provide us the answer with some bonus recommendation. So, let us know, how is your metal lathe machine going so far? As, we have structured our total writing for beginner to a professional. Waiting for the most valuable answer from you.

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