What is the best square for woodworking?

Have you an idea; the reason behind running the important portion of woodworking isn’t to select the correct tools? A square is an important tool for woodwork or metalwork today.

Selecting the best and correct one from amongst one is the essential job that you should do to come with the greatest performance. But do you have any clear knowledge about the best types of the square?

Don’t be panic. Through this post, we are going to share with you a clear concept about the various types of square and what is the best square of woodworking.

To get a clear idea, back to your seat and take a short time to read it at the end.

Why are they known as square?

They are named square; the means of it isn’t that they would look like a square. They are called square; the main reason for it is that they are a convenient way to build a square shape.

A woodworking square is a tool that uses in woodworking or any metalworking for marking purposes. It consists of two portions, such as the handle and blade. You can see it with a body plus head or tongue that use to get the best measure distance and make a square shape at works.

The blade of the square known as the essential portion, and they made from steel or metal. On the other side, the handle portion of it comes from plastic materials or wood. The handle of the square will look thicker than the blade portion.

What are the reasons for the different squares?

Before selecting the best tools, you should know the real purpose of this tool. In short, they work to make a shape with accurately and make your work flexible. They will help you to measure the perfect distance as well as angles that are more essential for any woodwork or other metalwork projects.

For example, you need to mark to measure the distance, or you need to make an exact shape or draw a straight line, you can use the square tools to make easy those tasks easy and quick. You can use it also to check the straightness of the surface or the level of the work projects. Without those, you can use it for any creative making jobs or other measure works.

Types of Square

Various types of the square you can see in the market before choosing the best one and a perfect one for your project, you should know them well. But all of them aren’t popular for use. Some of them are very well-known for various purposes of using.

Below we will show the most significant types so that you won’t make confused.

1.Try square

Try square is a tool that is small measuring kits. Usually, these types of devices are perfect to use in any carpentry project jobs. It will help you to measure a short distance. You can make the different angles of 90-degree using it.

Try square will need to draw the layout and measure the accurate distance using the straight edge. This tool is lightweight, flexible, and will permit you to carry it everywhere. It consists of a longer blade and shorter handle and also comes from steel or aluminum materials.

2.Combination square

The combination square is the upgraded version of the try square that can be used for multipurpose activates. It is an ideal tool for a lot of works or projects. It allows you to use to measure angles and to adjust the head for several degrees. You will able to check the edge using it.

3.Framing square

Framing square tools is a bigger version of the try square. It will be an ideal selection for any carpenter or measurement tasks. It includes an ‘L’ shape that will need to check the square of the corner and also to check the surface. It will also allow you to use this blade to measure various reasons.

4.Speed square

Now, you may be thinking which square tool will be perfect for you because you have searched for all types of functions that we have discussed before with those squares. Yes, all the features you will get in this speed square at a time.

It comes with support angles and three straight edges. They will assist you in measuring the distance and angle. The triangle shape square added a rotate edge lip. It is ideal for saw guide just using this single tool. So it can be the best square for woodworking or metalworking projects.

5.Drywall T square

This is an especial type of square tool that made to help you to work with the plywood for cutting or making a sketch. They are convenient using for the shape as well as size that is ideal for various purposes.

It comes with a long body and a head that will permit you to use to measure the distance and also to make a square shape. They have an adjustable frame with different angles and using them, and you can mark the perfect length of your work project elements.

Select the Best Square for woodworking

What is the best square for woodworking that can be personal or professional uses? We have already discussed some essential types of the square. From them, you have got a better idea about the square.

Here we should discuss some significant characteristics, and they will help you to discover the best square from various types.


Every type of square has come from some elements, you have to know which one has made with what materials such as speed square made from plastic, aluminum, and steel materials. Now, select which material will right for you.

For example, if you work in a place that is so high from the ground, you can select aluminum products because they are such a lightweight tool than others. If you work in your shop in the ground, you can think about steel speed square because they are so durable and heavy in weight.

If you don’t have other options are available around you, you desire to take a plastic square tool. They are light in weight but not long-lasting. They will break so easily.


The ideal size of Ideal Square is the best option for the perfect tools. When you think of getting the best square, that means you should select such a square that will right in size for your projects. And the size means the blade size of the square tools.

The blades length comes with several sizes. They can start from 3-inch to 14-inch in size and sometimes will more. But the size has to depend on the project categories that you are handling.


It is confirmed that the blade is the most important part of the square. So, you have to ensure that you will select such a blade that is flexible and thin in design. The design also has to sturdy and solid. The edge hasn’t to be rounded, which makes it hard to mark.

Accuracy & precision

To select the best square, you should check the right accuracy and precision. For checking the accuracy, only one key point isn’t enough. There is several ways to check it. At first, you can draw two straight lines with the help of blade and handle. You have to draw them on either side of the square.

If both of the lines will parallel, you have to sure that is the best in accuracy or precision. Otherwise, you have to skip the tools and go for others.


A well-known brand will come with great vital features with budget-friendly square tools at a time. They also will give you warranty with high-quality performance. So, for the first time, you should check the brand square before going for other tools.

Keep in mind all the time, high-price won’t give high-quality tools. Sometimes, a good brand comes with great means in the market.

Some key points:

To select the best square, there have some other short trips that you will below. Take a look at them.

  • Check waterproof material that will rust-free
  • Weight, compact plus convenience
  • Exact measurement
  • Adjustable activities
  • Brand reputation with clients feedback
  • Readability and color scheme of framing square
  • Warranty
  • Measurement sorts with additional measurement schemes, designs, metric tables, maps, with other framing squares.
  • Select the professional tool according to your experience and skill level
  • Select for job types or tiling, furniture cutting, clothing, or any other jobs.

Summing up

In this post, we have discussed what the best square for woodworking is? We have shared with you some significant types of square tools. They are compact, convenient, and high with features.

Now it will so easy for you to select the best square tools for your personal or professional uses. Hopefully, this post hasn’t wasted your valuable time, and you will be able to spend your precious money on the right tools.

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